Health Concerns

Have you ever heard of CAFO? Well, if not, it’s “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” and from what I’ve heard and read about it, its defiantly not good for us. It is an agricultural operation where animals are kept and raised in confined situations, which means they are stuck in their own feces…  does that make you want to eat a hamburger? Not me.  many industrial food animals are fed just about anything that can add weight cheaply and quickly, regardless of how unappetizing or sadistic it may seem, Some commonly used cattle feed additives include: hydrolyzed poultry feathers, by-products of slaughtered animals, inter-species waste such as swine manure and poultry litter, antibiotic drugs, cement dust, newspaper, and plastic roughage replacements. So if i were you id keep an eye on what you’ve been eating.



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here is a few things about me, Im shy... funny, nice,fun to be around, outgoing, and great. but, i can be very mean if you get on my bad side... anyway, yea theres some things about me and i hope we can be friends!

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  1. I like your passion and your research, I would however, provide links that will take people to additional resources and present this as a health concern — these practices. That to me is the biggest piece no?
    Grade = 81. Thanks!

  2. Okay Samantha: good stuff but in this post you are just getting started. Why not link to the research articles that you read? Establish “sub-titles” that helps both you and the reader for organization purposes. Edit your work and try to focus on saying one thing. Keep plugging. Grade = 78

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