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Should Fighting in NHL be Banned or Not Banned?

The NHL culture of fighting is permitted and is apart of why people watch the game. In my opinion, NHL fighting should not be banned. It’s not an expression of sportsmanship and should not be, it’s like war. One team trying to beat the other and in order to do that you have to fight to win. Just like with alot of other sports.

Some people say that the resulting injury is too much and fighting is not professional and is a bad example to kids. Well, I beg to differ, they eventually heal, fighting is not about professionalism, but rather about playing to win. That’s what NHL is for. If people think fighting is a bad example for kids, then don’t have them watch the game. what about all these war games kids play these days? were they have to kill people in the game to get points and stuff, yet parents are all bent out of shape because there kids are watching a NHL game and the players fight. Kids watching people fight may actually help them defend them selves in the near future. Also helps them to know you got to be in it to win it! and the people who disagree with me don’t have to worry because NHL fighting will eventually die out.

The values of NHL fighting are the fans, they love the fighting, that’s what gets them all pumped up. Most fans support fighting as the expression of  genuine, and building frustration toward a rival team, or as a means of karmic retribution on the NHLs worst pests, and without fighting, a lot of fans are going to loose there spirit in NHL. Fighting is the thrill of watching the game, they go out there knowing its bound to happen. I think fighting shouldn’t be banned because people love watching it, that’s the main thrill of watching it besides your favorite team scoreing a goal, and also it gets your adrenaline pumping when your team scores or wins a fight and you start going nuts, cheering and jumping up and down because your so pumped up that your team won. Hockey is a figure skating in a war zone, and anybody who says they don’t like fighting in the NHL have to be out of there minds.