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Health Concerns

Have you ever heard of CAFO? Well, if not, it’s “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” and from what I’ve heard and read about it, its defiantly not good for us. It is an agricultural operation where animals are kept and raised in confined situations, which means they are stuck in their own feces…  does that make you want to eat a hamburger? Not me.  many industrial food animals are fed just about anything that can add weight cheaply and quickly, regardless of how unappetizing or sadistic it may seem, Some commonly used cattle feed additives include: hydrolyzed poultry feathers, by-products of slaughtered animals, inter-species waste such as swine manure and poultry litter, antibiotic drugs, cement dust, newspaper, and plastic roughage replacements. So if i were you id keep an eye on what you’ve been eating.



Slaughter House

Anything but Humane

What happens behind closed doors of a slaughter-house?
Everything, animals are so badly treated in the United States it makes me sick to my stomach.

Roughly  nine billion animals are slaughtered every year for their skins, the meat, or for food processing. Slaughtering animals on a large-scale poses significant logistical problems and public health risks. I don’t see animals trying to kill us for our meat, why do it to them? It’s just wrong and evil on every level.

Investigations by animal welfare and animal rights groups have indicated that in some cases animals are skinned or gutted while alive and conscious. That is just plain cruel, how could somebody just sit there killing an animal and have no remorse for the evident pain. What is the world coming to?


Innocent Creatures…

Gods Gift…

Animals deserve rights, They don’t have a voice so we need to help them and speak up for them, They deserve it, Animals deal with abusive owners and they are usually neglected very badly once they start to get older from being a puppy, That’s were animal abuse usually starts… They don’t deserve neglect, And neglect needs to STOP.

The reason why animals usually get neglected I think is because they grew out of their cute baby stage, And when they actually grow up, The abusive owners get sick of them and start neglecting them, Either because the pets are in the way as they like to say, Or just because they have nothing else better to do…And its sickening, Uncalled for and plain stupid.

How could anyone do such a thing to gods innocent creatures? What about poachers? Poachers are the worst, Killing gods creatures for fur and what not, That is some b.s and someone needs to stop this, We as a community need to speak up for animals. We would not like it to much if it was done to us, so why is it fair if we do it to them, Its not. Yes there is some people who are like well we need to eat and stuff well you know what, That is like them eating us, We would not like it to much, Especially how they butcher them in slaughter houses… In my opinion, This is really messed up.



there is always…

there is always a flower for those who actually look.