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Top Ten Ways to Protect “Animal Rights”…

There are many ways animal lovers can make a huge difference. From assisting in the care and placement of shelter animals, to educating the public on animal welfare issues, to fighting for stronger animal legislation, you too can help.

1. One of the best things you can do to help animals in your community is to keep a list of people, including a humane law enforcement officer to contact in case of an emergency.

2. Don’t use animal tested things such as makeup, shampoo, perfumes, Ext…

3.Get to know the animals in your neighborhood, look out for sighs of animal abuse, watch the animals behavior.

4. Volunteering at your local shelter is a great way to make a difference in the lives of many animals, and helps with the Animal Rights.

5.Wild animals need protection, too. Birds, mammals and reptiles are often injured or killed by the trash we throw away, so if you happen to take a walk thru a park and you stumble upon some trash on the ground or tables, just throw them in a baggie, tie it and then throw it into the garbage. 🙂

6.. The Kanab, Utah-based organization was founded in 1984 with the purpose of providing safe and loving homes for dogs and cats of all kinds; its mission today is still “No more homeless pets”, Our mission as a community is to take in any homeless pets, Make sure there not injured, Make sure there feed, And make sure they get lots of sleep.

7.The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only organization working toward actual LEGAL rights for members of species other than our own, if there’s ever a problem in your community, Please call the police so they can do there job by protecting the community and pets.

8.Animal welfare, rights, and protection is one of the most popular issue areas to which individual donors give and is an area in which colleagues working in the field are extremely passionate. Without human support, many animals face abuse, neglect, and suffering… we as a community, need to help if we ever see an animal in need, we need to take them in and nurse them, acknowledge them, Care for them, Love them. Then if you decide you want to call the animal shelter, you can, if not then you get to have a new pet 🙂

9. As of last month, 46 states had approved felony-level penalties for certain acts of animal cruelty, and 31 of those states upped the animal cruelty ante from misdemeanor- to felony-level charges during the last 10 years, if you happen to see someone abuse or neglect an animal, call the police.

10.A truly compassionate society would limit breeding to the number of animals that can be sold to responsible owners each year.